The world is watching, so show us a smile.

Benjamin Bouwman (Original posted 28/11/2012   –   Editted on 28/03/2013)

It’s like we have an urge to share our life’s with the world. Thing that are use to be considered as private not ten years ago, is now everywhere. Usually uploaded by the person itself.
Rather it’s you drunk, or acting strangely in public or being depressed it hits the internet in no time. Why this need for sharing? It seems like there doesn’t go a day past, without you showing pictures of yourself to other people. Photo sharing has been popular for a long time. Started with the release of Picasa in 2002, but the social media are also doing there part; Facebook hosted about 60 billion photos by the end of 2010.
But what I wanted to talk about is the explosion of photoapps. With ofcourse Instagram as the lead example, with 100.000 signups at release, and just seven months later it had 4.25 million users.

Why is that? Well first of all, simply put it the phone cameras are getting better and better. This is what fuels the photo-app trend. Now with high resolution camera’s in your pocket in combination with a direct line to your most favorites social networks, it’s not a big mystery why there are a lot of people making photos now.
With the high resolution camera and an app, you are instantly a professional. The photo just looks “better”, with an app like Instagram.
Everybody can feel like an artist, what is not that big of a problem, the problem is people actually start to think there an artist or a photographer because they make snapshots of their breakfast with Instagram.
Now personally I think this app is a step back, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Mobile phones are with us all the time, also another trend but it fuels the trend I’m talking about here. The micro trend is the photoapps, the phones are the Megatrend. Because the phones are integrated in our daily lives we always have a camera with us. And every phone has pretty much a steady internet connection everywhere. So simplicity is the key here. We don’t want to imagine things anymore. If you update your status that you have a nice view from your new office, you better add a picture.

If you look at the lifecycle, we are in a sort acceptance face, its not special anymore that you make and upload photos. Now the connexion is made between instagram and hipsters its been pretty quiet around it. But you have a lot more, just open your Appstore and click on photo. Hundreds of apps. So we are in the fourth fase, the photoapps are out there, but we can see the downfall kicking in, as nobody really talks about it anymore. It just simply is.

Why this self-importance? Who cares what you are eating, why this need to share it visually? Gross of the people claim to be scared of ‘Big Brother’ and privacy on the internet, yet they put everything on there. They put up the pictures of them being drunk at a party and don’t get it why they get weird faces at the elementary school they work. Will this trend ever go away? Or will it stay here forever and will we get used to it? What will be left for the real artist and the real photographers who make decent art, but don’t get as much attention as they deserve because an instagram photo of a teacup is circling the internet. The same happens on sites like Deviantart, which use to be a site for artist and photographers, but now everybody with instagram or can draw a disgusting Anime drawing gets the most views and likes and attention.
Because simply it’s about numbers. They are with more. Strength by numbers, keeping themselves and others and this trend alive. Which is alright, let’s not hope they kill off the real artists.

Do you think photocamera’s on your phone is killing artists? How many photo apps have you ever downloaded and used? Should there be a stop on uploading photos to facebook?  Or atleast limited? Or should we accepted that for example teachers also like to drink a beer once and a while so a picture of a teacher with a beer on facebook shouldn’t be such a big deal?


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