The best deals


Benjamin Bouwman  (original: 15/09/2012   – edited 26/03/2013)

We, the consumers, want it all. We want it fast and more importantly cheaper than other people. We want the best deals. We are actively looking for them and when we finally nail a good deal we want the world to know.

In the old days you just had your coupon.
Now in these day and age, it’s much more than that. Take a look at the use of Smartphones. 79% of Smartphone owners use their phones for shopping related activities, and of those nearly half (48%) use their phones to look for or use discounts and coupons (Source: Google & IPSOS, April 2011).

And the companies are here to give into that need. The need to get a discount, in other words to get a better deal than other people.
Whole companies are now here, with that single thought. I’m talking about sites like Ibood or Groupon. Everything on those sites is always an special offer.  And it’s for a limited time only, so act now and you will get that thing you think you will need and then it’s gone and other people don’t have it.

You got sites, that will give you discounts on everything. And yes I do mean everything. Travel, pets, electronic devices all have special sites devoted to give you, the consumer, good deals on all the products in those categories.  And did seems to have reach any industry including for example the porn industry, or what about a site like, where you can find deals on marijuana. No business can seem to escape it.
Because whether you’re buying a new car, a new phone, a hamburger or whatever you want the best deal out there.

The added value of society goes without saying, making this a big trend. And because it stayed strong and growing for so long now it by definition not a hype or a craze.
From the points on the coffee package to groupon. Its growing and growing.
I think it was balancing between a Maxi and a Mega trend, until websites like IBOOD and Groupon became as huge as they are now. Now it’s definitely a Mega trend.  Check your social networks, everybody is looking for good deals and sharing them with you. But that’s the same in like the groceries stores where two old woman are shopping with the AH-Krant in their shopping card.
It is still in the 3th phase of its lifecycle, specially online, its becoming more and more popular. Open a random companies website, specialy one that sells products, you won’t have to look for long before you a post how they have the best offer ever on whatever they are selling at that moment.

My point is that it’s always been here, but it shifted to the internet. And in went huge. Specially now with the technology. On your smartphone, with for example foursquare you can look to a restaurant in real time and see what kind of offers they have. Because you don’t really care anymore what they sell or what do you want to eat, it’s about what kind of discount they can give you.

But a thing you shouldn’t forget, is that you also have to consider are compare sites. Mostly there about insurance and stuff like that, but the core idea is the same. You want the best, most cheapest insurance.

I don’t think we have seen the last of this trend. It’s already unthinkable that you don’t get free gifts if you subscribe for something. Also an example of this trend. The gifts. Free gifts everywhere, it’s just our way of saying thank you.

What do you think? Are you looking for offers? Do you like products, services or brands better if friends say on your social networks they got a good deal with them? How “free” are all those free gifts and discounts you get?



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