Nina Hoekstra




During my school days, I’ve done several internships. 4, to be precise. So when I started my fist day at my internship for this school, and my speculator told me that I could decide my own working hours I was surprised. Then he told me that most Fridays he wasn’t around at the office and it was ok if I wasn’t either. I was surprised; I never expected that to happen. When I talked to my college student about it they where like: ‘ What the f*ck!?’. But the thing was I couldn’t do any thing about it, I wasn’t planning to. As you would not either. Now I’m not the only one, in Holland the number of outworker people, also called ‘telecommuting’ has increased.

More and more often companies give employees the choice to work at home. And the number that chooses to telecommuting has doubled. They also call it the ‘new working’. I think it’s because the world is continue changing and we are adjusting. The people have the need to be flexible. This also comes by the changes which technology brings us. The possibilities that we have now are way better than ever before. We are working with clouds to exchange files of even to work in the same file that another college is working in.

If you have to make the choice as an employer, you can think about the money you would save if you don’t have to pay for the travel expenses. The average travel time is 30 minutes, this means 1 hour a day. This because you can leave the car at home and this makes a difference. Especially when you can save by person more than € 2800,- a year. When you look at the numbers that more than half of the companies aloud people work home, the company would notice the difference in numbers. But also the employee can concentrate better at home. This way you can do more work in a shorter amount of time. Not only it’s better for the person in question and the company, but also for the whole environment. But not only good things come from working home. If you need to plan an emergency meeting, this is not possible. When this problem is raging you have to rent a special room. There is also a possibility that your employee can’t find the discipline. For al you know/hope is that your employee is working but maybe she or he is sleeping out, eat extended breakfast and working half a day on there own business they set up because they may work at home.

When it comes to the trend pyramid working at home is a Micro trend. It’s part of the Meso trend Efficiency. The organisation is able to achieve its objectives to work more efficiently and work straight to our goals. In this case working to telecommuting. The overall keyword and also the Mega trend is flexibility. The extent to which the system can be adapted to new developments and needs. Whatever you can link back to telecommuting. The stage of the life cycle which telecommuting is in the followers stage. It was invented long time ago and we wear doing it for several years. But now the amount of people never was higher.

If we take this case in a 5 year view. Can we then conclude that the numbers would double again? This would mean that we don’t need offices. The meetings would take place in hired space. This means when everyone works at home, we isolate ourselves tremendously. Do you think this will this effect the socialization?




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