Nina Hoekstra




My mom came back from her work the other day en told me about her college Anne. Anne is 24 years old en stared using Botox. She asked my mom what she though about it. But my mom didn’t even saw it. Last week I turned 22 years. I never though about Botox on my age, but now every body knows someone who use Botox. When you open up magazines you read about it or see it. We can’t go around it anymore ‘ everyone want to look younger’. Now when I say everyone, I mean literal everyone. The men of 2013 are using more Botox than ever before.

For the people that don’t know exactly what Botox is, a little explanation. Botox is one of many trade names for the neurotoxic protein called ‘Botulium toxin’ that is produces by the bacterium ‘Clostridium botulinum’. Botox works to relax the contraction of muscles by blocking nerve impulses, because of this a wrinkle arises. The result is muscles that can no longer contract, and so the wrinkles relax and soften. When you just have been treaded it will take around two or four days till you see improvement and the effect last from four to six months.

Now I want to talk about the trend of Botox under the men. The taboo had been broken. This is what the numbers say. Not only famous people like Gordon Ramsay, Berlusconi and from Holland John de Mol. But almost 310000 American males take Botox every 6 weeks. Compare to last year this amount increased with 30%. Some people say that it was because the woman of the men dragged them to the clinic or they received a gift order from a clinic. In Holland this number also increased. The average male visitors of an average clinic in Holland in 2010 was 130 male. This amount doubled in the next year to 280 male. At women this number only was 13%. I think this is by the crisis. The woman become more carefully with money, when the men get more conceited.

The Botox is a Micro trend. Because the product qualifies directly with the consumer. The Meso trend is beauty ideal of the people. And the Macro trend is rationalization. I will explain this by Freuds theory. Freud think we al have a defense mechanism, also called a protection mechanism. Protection Mechanisms given are broadly stated in connection with the inability to satisfy needs or unacceptable impulses. The defense mechanisms repression, rationalization, reaction formation, projection, sublimation, regression and escapism are discussed. These defenses are (unconsciously) used as protection against frustrations or tensions and conflicts to reduce or avoid. When we’re using Botox we are avoiding an overall problem. This problem we call aging. We are trying to avoid this by creams, makeup and even surgery to make or look younger. So maybe we can see Botox is a form of insecurity.

It’s obviously clear that most trends coming out America. The trends come over to Europe and this means Holland. Also this trend. Botox is coming up in Holland. This means it’s already invented by to ‘cool’ (trend watchers) people and now it’s time for the ‘normal’ people (majority) or in this case men to follow this trend.

Can we say Botox is a form of rationalism and also insecurity or do we think it’s normal and we, or men, are just adjusting in the world of 2013?.





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